Welcome to Horseshoe crab monitoring site

We invite you to join us on this website to assemble and organize all available data on horseshoe crab distribution, demography, and other ecological important features that may help to improve the conservation and management of these wonderful creatures.

We are planning to use the assembled biological information to (i) generate an update of the global horseshoe crab distribution, and (ii) to build local/regional species distribution models for the protection and management of horseshoe crab stocks.

Please contact us, if you want to become a contributor or a regional coordinator. In both cases your responsibility would be to collect biological information on horseshoe crabs from your region. Under 'submit records' we provide data templates and instructions for collecting the neccessary data and for setting up your own citizen science program.

The data assembled by our network will be made accessible and free to use for all contributing members, under the condition that the original data sources are informed in advance and cited appropriately.  

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